1. I really need to be going.
나 진짜 가봐야겠다.

2. Stay warm.
따뜻하게 지내.

3. Stay in touch / Keep in touch.

4. Okay! Contact me later.
그럼 나중에 연락해.

5. Merry Christmas!

6. Happy holidays!

7. Peace out!

8. Take it easy.
쉬엄쉬엄 해.

9. Take care.
잘 지내.

10. Keep it up! / Keep up the good work.

11. Please keep me updated/posted.
소식 알려줘.

12. Safe travels.
조심히 가.

13. Drive safely.
운전 조심해.

14. Have a safe trip back to ~.
~까지 조심히 가.

15. I will miss you.
보고 싶을 거야.

16. Have fun! Have a blast!
재밌게 놀아!

17. Good luck!
행운을 빌어!
Wish me luck.
행운을 빌어줘.

18. So long!

19. Farewell!
잘 지내세요!

20. I wish you the best.
잘 되길 바라.

21. Love you.

22. Until next time.
다음에 볼 때까지 잘 지내.

23. Ciao! Adios!

24. Sincerely, Best Regards, Love, Blessings…
(이메일이나 편지를 끝내며)

25. Bye! / Bye bye!
(통화를 끝내며)