Did you make up with Soo?
수랑 화해 했어?

Not really.
그렇진 않아.

Didn’t you have that argument a month ago?
너희 싸운 게 한 달 전 아니야?

I tried to make up with her.
화해 하려고 노력 했어.

I called and went to see her but nothing worked.
전화도 하고 보러도 갔지만 아무 소용 없었어.

Don’t you like her because she is quiet and reserved?
걔가 조용하고 차분해서 좋아하는 거 아니었어?

I used to but not now.
그랬는데 지금은 아니야.

She is so sensitive and emotional.
너무 감정적이고 예민해.