How did things go?
일은 어떻게 됐어?

Everything turned out okay?
다 잘 된 거야?

Thanks to your help, everything went well.
도와준 덕분에 다 잘 풀렸어.

잘 됐다!

I’m glad it was successful.
잘 풀렸다니 내가 다 좋다.

I couldn’t do anything without your help.
덕분에 다 잘 됐어.

You saved my life.
덕분에 살았어.

No problem!
별 말씀을!

That’s what friends are for.
친구 뒀다 뭐하니.

Feel free to let me know if you ever need my help.
언제든 내 도움이 필요하면 알려줘.

I really appreciate that.
정말 고마워.

I think you might be my guardian angel.
내 수호 천사나 다름 없어.