Shopping Expressions

누군가에 맡겨서 무언가 했을 때 영어표현
I had my hair cut 머리 잘랐어요
Got a haircut.
We’re having the house painted. 집에 페이트칠 했어요.(내가 하지 않음)
I’ll have him give you a call.
He had his car broken into yesterday.
I had my bag stolen. 가방을 도둑맞았어요

1. Do you have ~ ? ~ 있어요?

Do you have this in red? 이거 빨간색 있어요?

Do you have this shirt in blue?
Do you have this in any other colors?
Do you have this in a small
Do you have this in a large?
Do you have this in a (size) 4?

Do you have anything cheaper?

2. What’s your size? 사이즈가 어떻게 되요?
I’m a large.
I’m a medium.
I’m a 1, 2 etc.
You look like a medium.
Do you do alterations?

3. On Sale 할인중 / For sale 판매중
They have books for sale on the first floor. 1층에서 책을 판매하고 있다.
They have books on sale on the first floor.  1층에서 책을 할인하고 있다.
When will these go on sale? 언제 할인하나요?
Do these ever go on sale? 할인하기는 하는건가요?
When is your next sale?


Off season (not: “season off” 틀린표현)
Buy one get one free
Do these ever go on sale?
When does this go on sale?

4 . Bargain Hunting!
I got a great deal on this. 득템했다.
My mom’s a real bargain hunter. 싸고 질 좋은 물건을 찾아다니는 사람
I got a good deal on this.
It’s a steal at that price. 거져야~

5. Look around 둘러보다
I’d better look around a little more.
To look around
I’m just browsing.
I’m just window shopping.
Shop around
I’m going to shop around a little bit.
How late are you open tonight?
What time do you open tomorrow?
I’m not ready to make a decision.
I need my wife’s approval on this.
I need to talk to my wife before I make a decision.
6. Can I try this on? 입어봐도 되나요?
Wear vs. try on
I’m wearing a striped sweater.
I’d like to try this on.
Can I wear these out of the store? 이거 입고 나가도 되나요?
Wear hat/shirt/socks/cologne/ a grin on one’s face
Where are the dressing rooms?
Your jacket is all worn out. 너의 자켓은 너무 낡았다
7. How does it look? 이거 어때?
How’s the fit?
How does it fit?
It’s a little big. / It’s a little loose. / It’s a little baggy.
Does it make me look fat? 뚱뚱해 보여?
That looks great on you!
That sweater looks great on you!
That dress is so you! 너에게 딱 어울린다.

8. That’s in style. 유행이다.
It’s a timeless look. / It’s classic look.
That’s in style right now. That’s all the rage right now
That’s not in style anymore.
That’s in fashion.
It’s back in fashion.
That’s a fad.
It’s just a fad.

9.  Will that be cash or credit? 현금이예요? 카드예요?
Where can I pay for these?
I’ll put it on my card. 카드로 내겠습니다.
I’ll pay in cash. 현금으로 낼께요
What cards do you take? 무슨 카드 받나요?

10. Refunds and Exchanges 교환 및 환불
I got this as a gift, But it’s the wrong size.
It’s too big for me, So I’m planning on taking it bank.
I want to take back this shirt.
Are you going to get a refund or just exchange it?
I’d like to get a refund for this. 환불 받고 싶어요.
I’d like to exchange this. It doesn’t fit / It’s not my style.
I got a refund and used it to buy something else.
I exchanged it for something else.

A: I like this sweater but it’s a little too small. Do you have it in a large?
B: Yeah, let me grab you one. / No, I’m sorry. What you see is what we’ve got.

A: How do I look? / How does this look on me?
B: It’s so you! / It’s not really your style. / It’s not your color. / I think it’s a little tight.

A: I got this shirt for my birthday, but it’s not really my style.
B: Why don’t you get a refund? / Why don’t you exchange it for something you like?