1. I got it on sale.  할인 가격으로 샀어

I was on sale. 할인하고 있었어
I got a deal on it. 싸게 잘 샀어~!
I got a great deal on it. 아주 싸게 잘 샀어!

2. It was a bargain. 깍아서 잘 샀어 (흥정의미 포함)

또는 I got it for a bargain.

예문 ) He always tries to bargain with the store owners.

A : Can’t you give me a better price?
B : I’m already giving you a great deal.

I was bargaining with the salesperson.
It was a real bargain.

3. I was a steal. 이거 거져야 (훔친거 같애ㅋㅋㅋ)

A : I only paid ten dollars for this bag.
B : Wow, That was a steal!

B : I got it for half price. It was a steal!