Q: Where are you from?
What’s your nationality?
국적이 어디입니까?

I’m from Korea.
South Korea.

Q: What is the purpose of your visit?
Why are you visiting?
방문 목적은 무엇인가요?

I’m here for travel/sight-seeing/tour.

Q: How long are you going to stay?
How many days will you stay?
얼마나 머무를 예정인가요?

I will stay for ~
~동안 머무릅니다.

Q: Where will be you staying?
Where do you stay?
어디 머무를 계획인가요?

Q: What’s your job?
What do you do?
직업이 무엇입니까?

I teach English.
영어를 가르칩니다.

I have my own business.
사업을 합니다.

I work for an oil company.
정유 회사에 다녀요.

Q: Are you traveling alone?
혼자 여행하시나요?

Q: Who are you traveling with?
누구와 여행 하시나요?

Q: How much money do you have with you?
돈은 얼마나 가지고 있죠?

Sorry. I don’t understand English. Translator please.
죄송한데 영어를 못해요. 통역 부탁드립니다.

Q: Do you have anything to declare?
신고할 게 있나요?