I have surprise news for you.
나 깜짝 놀랄 소식이 있어.

What is it?
그게 뭔데?

Sean and I are getting married next month.
나 션이랑 다음 달에 결혼 해.

He popped the question last month.
그가 지난 달에 청혼 했어.

That’s huge news!
엄청난 소식이다!

I’m so happy for both of you.
너희 둘이 잘 돼서 기뻐.

But isn’t the timeline too tight?
그런데 시간이 촉박하지 않아?

It could be.
그럴 수도 있지.

But we will have a small wedding at a church and will invite only family and close friends.
그런데 교회에서 스몰 웨딩으로 할 거라 가족이랑 친한 친구들만 초대할 거야.

I got it!

I know you are better off together.
너희는 천생 연분이야.