See you next time.

See you later.

Talk to you later.
:전화나 문자 등 직접적인 상황이 아닐 때 사용

See ya!

See you later, alligator! / In a while, crocodile!

Later! / Laters!

Catch you later! / Catch you on the flipside.

Have a good day/morning/afternoon/evening.

Have a good night.
: 상대방이 곧바로 잠자리에 들 때 사용하는 표현

Have a good one.

Take it easy.

Take care.


장난스럽고 캐주얼한 표현들:

Peace! / Peace out!

I’m outta here! / I’m out! / Out!

Toodaloo! / Toodles!

Bye bye!
:어린 아이에게만 사용할 것!

Hasta la vista, baby!

Adios, amigos!

Au revoir! / Adieu!


Until next time… / Until the next time…