1. I’m not gonna lie

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty insulted to not be invited to my ex-boyfriend’s wedding.
솔직히 말해서 예전 남자친구의 결혼식에 초대받지 못해서 자존심 상했어.

2. in all honesty

In all honesty, I had every right to be there.
솔직히, 내가 그 자리에 있을 자격이 충분하거든.

3. in my view

In my view, I should’ve been invited so it was totally fair for me to turn up on the day.
나는 내가 초대 받았어야 마땅하다고 생각했기 때문에 당일에 결혼식에 나타난 게 옳은 행동이었다고 봐.

4. if you ask me

If you ask me, the church service was wonderful, but it was a shame I had to stand at the back.
예식은 멋졌는데 뒤에 서 있어야 했다는 건 유감이었다고 생각해.

5. as far as I can tell

As far as I can tell, the bride wasn’t really expecting me.
내가 보기엔 신부가 내가 나타날 거라고 예상한 것 같진 않더라고.

6. to my mind

To my mind, she should’ve been happier to see me and receive my support.
내 생각엔 그녀도 내 응원을 받았다면 더 행복할 거라고 봤거든.

7. as far as I’m concerned

As far as I’m concerned, she totally overreacted and shouldn’t have cried.
나로서는 그녀가 과민반응해서 그렇게 눈물을 흘리면 안됐다고 생각해.

8. the way I see things/it

The way I see things, I made the family photographs a lot more interesting.
내가 보기엔 내가 가족 사진을 더 재밌게 만든 거 같아.

9. as I see things/it

As I see it, they obviously didn’t take me into consideration when drawing up the seating plans.
보니까 자리를 지정할 때 내 자리는 생각을 안했더라고.

10. it seems to me that

It seems to me that everyone overreacted when I tried to sit at the top table.
내가 중앙 자리에 앉으려고 했을 때 다들 과민 반응 한 거 같아.

11. I believe

I believe that they should have just made space for me in the first place.
애초에 내 자리를 만들어 뒀어야 했다고 생각해.

12. I would say

I’d say that the food was very good, but it was a shame I had to share with my neighbor.
음식은 괜찮았다고 생각하는데, 옆자리 사람들이랑 나눠 먹어야 했던 건 아쉬웠지.

13. I consider … to be …

I consider it to be very rude that I was forced to sit down when I stood up to make a speech.
내가 한 마디 하려고 일어났을 때 나를 억지로 앉힌 건 무례했다고 생각해.

14. to me

To me, no one knows my ex better than me so I should’ve been able to tell all of our funny stories.
내 생각엔 전 남자친구를 나보다 잘 아는 사람이 없으니까 내가 재미있는 이야기를 좀 나눴어야 했다고 보거든.

15. from my point of view

From my point of view, the first dance was cringe-worthy so I did everyone a favor by joining in.
첫 번째 댄스는 민망하기 마련이니까 내가 나선게 모두에 대한 호의였다고 생각해.

16. it is my view/belief that

It is my view that the open bar made everything worse.
내가 보기엔 술이 모든 상황을 악화시킨 거지.

17. I reckon

I reckon the sixth gin and tonic tipped me over the edge.
여섯 잔 째 진토닉이 나를 돌아버리게 만든 거 같아.

18. I honestly believe that

I honestly believe that if I hadn’t started cutting the cake, no one would have.
솔직히 내가 아니었으면 아무도 케이크를 안 잘랐을 걸.

19. honestly speaking

Honestly speaking, I probably shouldn’t have thrown my slice at the bride.
솔직히 말하자면 케이크를 신부에게 던지면 안됐던 것 같아.

20. I feel that

I feel that my ex could have found a more welcoming bride with a better sense of humor.
그래도 내 전 남자친구가 더 친절하고 유머 감각 있는 신부를 만났으면 좋았을걸.

21. personally speaking

Personally speaking, calling the police was a bit over the top.
내 생각엔 경찰을 부르는 건 조금 과했어.