(Ralph is talking to his friend John … )

(랠프가 친구 존과 얘기한다 …)

Ralph: Did you go to Judy’s party on Saturday?

랠프: 토요일에 주디의 파티에 갔었어?

John: Yes I did. Have you ever been to Judy’s house?

존: 응 갔었지. 주디네 집에 가본 적 있어?

Ralph: No, I haven’t.

랠프: 아니 없어.

John: Well, you know how she’s crazy about the color red?

존: 걔가 빨간색 아주 좋아하는 거 알지?

Ralph: Yes. She loves the color red. Why?

랠프: 응. 빨간색이라면 아주 굉장하지. 왜?

John: Well, she painted her living room red!

존: 글쎄 거실을 빨갛게 칠했더라니까!

Ralph: She did? No, you’re putting me on.

랠프: 정말? 농담하는 거지.

John: No. I’m not. Go to her house and see for yourself.

존: 아니. 아냐. 가서 직접 보라구.

Ralph: The whole living room is red?

랠프: 거실이 온통 빨갛다구?

John: Yes. I think she went way over the top painting her living room.

존: 그래. 거실 페인트칠하는데 아주 도를 지나쳤더라니까.

기억할만한 표현 

* to be crazy about (someone or something): ~를 아주 좋아하다

“He’s crazy about his new sports car.”

(그는 새로 산 스포츠카에 아주 푹 빠져있습니다.)

* you’re putting me on: 놀리다 농담하다

“You’re getting married? I don’t believe you. You’re putting me on.”

(네가 결혼한다고? 난 못믿어. 날 놀리는 거지.)

* see for yourself: 직접 보세요

Jim: “He didn’t buy a red sports car.”

(그가 빨간 스포츠카를 사다니 말이 안돼.)

Roger:”You don’t believe me? Look in the parking lot. See for yourself.”

(내 말을 못 믿겠어? 주차장을 봐. 직접 눈으로 보라고.)

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