(Delores walks into work and is greeted by her co-worker Eve … )

(들로리스가 직장에 나오자 동료 이브가 반긴다 …)

Eve: Good morning Delores.

이브: 안녕 들로리스.

Delores: What’s so good about it?

들로리스: 뭐가 그리 안녕해?

Eve: You don’t look so hot. Are you okay?

이브: 너 기분이 안좋아보인다. 괜찮니?

Delores: I had trouble sleeping. I was tossing and turning all night.

들로리스: 잠은 못잤어. 밤새 뒤척거렸거든.

Eve: What was wrong?

이브: 왜 ?

Delores: I think it was something I ate for dinner.

들로리스: 저녁에 뭘 잘못 먹었나봐.

Eve: Really?

이브: 정말 ?

Delores: I think I had bad fish.

들로리스: 상한 생선을 먹은 것 같아.

Eve: That’s terrible.

이브: 어머 세상에.

Delores: I might make it a short day today and go home early.

들로리스: 오늘은 일찍 퇴근해서 집에 갈까봐.

기억할만한 표현 

* (one) doesn’t look so hot: 컨디션이 별로 좋아보이지 않으시네요 

“What’s the matter with Susan. She doesn’t look so hot.”

(수전이 왜 저럴까요. 기분이 별로 안좋아보이는군요.)

* bad (fish): 상한 (생선) 음식 

“I had bad chicken last night.” (전 어제 상한 닭고기를 먹었어요.)

* make it a short day: 평소보다 일찍 퇴근하다 

“I have to make it a short day because I have to go to the airport.”

(공항에 가봐야되기 때문에 전 오늘 평소보다 일찍 퇴근해야겠어요.)

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