1. I think it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid!
아무리 힘들어도 해야 할 때가 된 것 같아요.

= It’s time to face the music
= Grin and bear it
= It’s time for you to bite the bullet

You guys have been in a loveless relationship for 10 years. Don’t you think it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid?
10년을 사랑 없는 관계로 살아 왔으면 이제 그만 둬야할 때가 됐다고 생각하지 않아?

2. I think we’re just going to have to live with it.
이대로 그냥 참아야 할 것 같아요.

We may just have to live with the noise.
소음이 있는대로 그냥 참아야 할 것 같아.

3. Don’t get your hopes up.
많이 기대하지 마세요.

That’s a really competitive school. Don’t get your hopes up.
거기 경쟁률이 엄청 센 학교야. 너무 기대하지는 마.

4. I smelled alcohol on his breath.
그 사람한테서 술 냄새 나.

I can smell alcohol on your breath. It’s very unprofessional!
술 냄새가 나네요. 프로페셔널답지 못해요.

5. You really blew it this time.
너 이번에 제대로 망했네.

= You really screwed up this time

6. What’s gotten into him?
쟤 왜 저래?

What’s gotten into you? This is so unlike you!
너답지 않게 왜 그래?

7. She’s always had your back.
그녀는 항상 네 편이었어.

You’ve got my back, right?
너 내 편 맞지?

8. Do you really want me looking over your shoulder all the time?
정말 내가 매일 너를 감시하길 바라는 거야?

Stop looking over my shoulder all the time!
매번 감시하지 좀 마.

9. Why don’t you sleep on it?
하룻밤동안 생각해보는 게 어때요?

Sleep on it and let me know tomorrow.
생각해보고 내일 알려줘.

10. Did you finally come to your senses?
너 이제야 정신 차렸어?

It looks like he finally came to his senses.
그 사람 마침내 정신 차린 것 같네.