1. Catch a cold (감기걸리다)
Close the window, or you will catch a cold. (문을 닫아라 아니면 너 감기 걸릴거야!)
I got a cold because the window was open. (문이 열려있어서 감기걸렸어)

2. By the way (그런데) 화제 전환용
By the way, who’s the guy over there? (그런데 저기 앉은 남자 누구야?)

3. Look into (안을 자세히 드려다 보다/조사하다)
Can I look into the house? (집을 조사해도 될까요?)
We have to look into the matter. (우리는 이 문제를 조사해야 한다)

4. be late for (~에 늦다)
I was late for my class today. (오늘 수업 늦었어)
I will be late for the flight. (비행기 늦었어)

5. be absent from ( ~ 결석하다)
Jessica was absent from school today. (오늘 제시카 학교 결석했어)