‘Drop pounds’
살을 빼다

(Alice is talking to her husband Charlie … )

(앨리스가 남편 찰리와 얘기한다…)

Alice: It’s been three weeks since you started exercising.

앨리스: 당신 운동 시작한지 3주 됐네.

Charlie: Yes I know.

찰리: 그러게 말야.

Alice: How much weight have you lost?

앨리스: 얼마나 살이 빠졌어?

Charlie: I dropped five pounds.

찰리: 5파운드 빠졌어.

Alice: Really? That’s fantastic!

앨리스: 정말? 굉장하네!

Charlie: And I have more energy.

찰리: 그리고 더 힘도 나.

Alice: Keep up the good work.

앨리스: 계속 열심히 해.

Charlie: And you? How much weight have you lost?

찰리: 당신은? 당신은 얼마나 체중이 줄었어?

Alice: I took off three pounds.

앨리스: 3파운드 빠졌지.

Charlie: That’s great!

찰리: 잘됐네!

Alice: And I love that we’re doing this together.

앨리스: 그리고 같이 한다는 게 정말 좋아.

Charlie: So do I.

찰리: 나도.

Alice: When I lose more weight I want to go on a shopping spree and buy new clothes.

앨리스: 더 살이 빠지면 샤핑 나가서 새 옷들좀 실컷 살래.

기억할만한 표현

* keep up the good work: 계속 잘 하세요 열심히 하세요

“You got an A in your math test? That’s great! Keep up the good work.” (수학 시험에서 A 받았어? 잘했네! 계속 열심히 해.)

* take off pounds: 살을 빼다

“I want to take off about ten pounds.” (10파운드정도 빼고 싶습니다.)

* go on a shopping spree: 실컷 샤핑하다

“She went on a shopping spree on her birthday.” (그녀는 생일날 실컷 샤핑을 즐겼습니다.)

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