(Ken and Katie are at a garage sale … )

(켄과 케이티가 창고세일에 와있다…)

Katie: We bought a lot of things.

케이티: 우리 뭘 정말 많이 샀네.

Ken: Well there are a lot of nice things here.

켄: 좋은 물건이 여기 많잖아.

Katie: Oh look at that vase! (asking the owner) what are you asking for this vase?

케이티: 어머 저 꽃병좀 봐! (주인에게 물어본다) 이 꽃병은 얼마 부르시는 거죠?

Owner: Fifteen dollars.

주인: 15달러요 .

Katie: Ken do you have fifteen dollars?

케이티: 켄 15달러 있어?

Ken: (looking in his wallet) No. I’m down to ten dollars.

켄: (지갑을 보며) 아니. 난 10달러밖에 안남았는데 .

Katie: (to the owner) Will you take ten dollars?

케이티: (주인에게 ) 10달러로 해주실래요?

Owner: I’ll sell it to you for twelve.

주인: 12달러에 팔게요.

Katie: We only have ten.

케이티: 우린 10달러밖에 없는데요.

Ken: (to the owner) Would you hold this? I’ll be back with more cash.

켄: (주인에게 ) 이것좀 맡아주시겠어요? 돈을 더 가져올게요 .

기억할만한 표현 

* what are you asking for this … : ~는 값을 얼마 부르시는 겁니까? 

“What are you asking for this umbrella?”

(이 우산은 얼마에요?)

* will you take …?: ~에 파시겠어요? 

“I don’t have twenty dollars. Will you take seventeen?”

(전 20달러가 없는데요. 17 달러에 파시겠어요?)

* would you hold this?: 팔지 말고 맡아주시겠어요? 

“I don’t have enough money. Would you hold this until I get back?”

(전 돈이 충분히 없는데요. 제가 돌아올 때까지 팔지 말아주시겠어요?)

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